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Risk Matrix 2000
August 8th - 9th 2005 and
October 3rd - 4th 2005

Two day Intensive training at
The University of Stafford.
Providing participants with the
knowledge, skills and practice
in order to use the tool in
forensic work, risk analysis,
decision-making and research.

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Johanna Simpson Blake

  Forensic experience

Johanna Simpson Blake is the Principal Chartered Forensic Psychologist, Head of Programmes, Public Protection & Violence Reduction and Member of the Senior Management Team at HMP Stafford.She is also a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and founder of JSB Forensic Practice.

You can view information about Johannas Career to date, Professional body Membership and qualifications within the legal cv area of the site.

In line with Lord Woolf’s recommendations in relation to expert witnesses, Johanna Simpson Blake is a applied Chartered Psychologist working in a busy Forensic Setting. Johannas career to date has involved working with a range of different client groups; adult, young, and juvenile offenders, both male & female. Johanna holds a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology and a Diploma in Women’s Studies. You can view a detailed breakdown of her full forensic experiece within the legal cv area of the site.
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