Summary of Forensic Experience  

In line with Lord Woolf’s recommendations in relation to expert witnesses, I am an applied Chartered Psychologist working in a busy Forensic Setting. My career to date has involved working with a range of different client groups; adult, young, and juvenile offenders, both male & female. I hold a MSc degree in Forensic Psychology and a Diploma in Women’s Studies

I have extensive experience in conducting psychological risk assessments with offenders; this has included those placed in prison, hospital and the community. I assess the risk of clients presenting with a range of difficulties including personality disorder, psychopathy, substance misuse and cognitive deficits.

All assessments are conducted using the most up to date tools and psychological methods.
I have a particular speciality in risk assessing sexual offenders, substance misuse and violent offenders, including, emotional, physical and sexual aggression. I also risk assess clients presenting with other offence backgrounds such as arson and acquisitive offending. I write and supervise Psychological reports on clients serving mandatory and discretionary life sentences in addition to those on remand and serving determinate sentences.

I have wide-ranging experience of conducting treatment with offenders. I have conducted and supervised treatment of over 500 sexual offenders and clients presenting with aggression-management problems.

The treatment is cognitive-behavioural in approach and incorporates motivational interviewing to try and reduce the level of denial and offence related distortions used to justify behaviour.

I am trained in the most effective methods of treatment for these client groups. I am accredited as a therapist for the Sex Offender Treatment and the Enhanced Thinking Skills Programmes by HM Prison Service.

I am responsible for the identification, treatment and management of high-risk offenders received into prison. I liaise closely with the Multi Disciplinary Public Protection Panels advising on static and dynamic risk factors. I make recommendations relating to risk reduction and outstanding treatment needs based on risk analysis.

I provide training to professionals from a range of different disciplines including teaching magistrates, the police and prison personnel about forensic risk assessment and risk reduction management. I manage a Psychology department of 30 professionals. I train and supervise them in risk assessment, treatment management, risk reduction and psychological report writing. I am a negotiator advisor and trainer.

I am also a national trainer for the RM2000 Risk Assessment, which predicts sexual and violent reconviction in the sexual offending population.

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